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The joy of a new bike shed

21 Oct

Imagine my joy when, on returning from last week’s work conference, I came home to find this wonderful creation in my back yard:Bike shed

Up until now our bikes have either been stored in the living room (unsightly) or outside in the garden (out of the way but with the increasing risk of cold and wet damage as winter approaches). But now, thanks to the brilliant work of The Boyfriend, they have their own little hut in the garden.

The carpenters have cleverly cut the wood to allow existing trees to grow in and through the shed, so it blends right in. I was especially grateful today as it’s been chucking it down with rain all day (a sign of things to come) but when I got my bike out she was completely dry. Excellent!

Bike shed

There was one small issue in that the shed is a tad short, so when I come home this evening the shed had been upgraded with handy hooks… Well done Boyfriend and happy hanging bikes.

Hanging bikes



Free service and bike check? Don’t mind if I do…

9 Oct

photo 3My bike has been lucky enough to visit the brilliant people at Have Bike twice in the last month – once at a pop up at Battersea Power Station and then yesterday at the Financial Times, where I work.

Have Bike are a portable bike safety and servicing organisation that visit different locations and workplaces across London, providing free bike checks. They gave my bike a once over yesterday and returned her freshly oiled with tightened brakes and a cleaner frame, tyres thoroughly checked for glass and wear and some cable ties to streamline askew cords. She rides a dream.

I’ve also got a handy service sheet which tells me what work she’ll need shortly. New rear brake pads, new chain to avoid wearing the cassette, likely new wheel rims after this winter. The best part is they’ll be visiting the FT once a month from now on, so if I do decide to replace these parts all I have to do is cycle to work and leave my bike with them while I tackle my emails. The full service does cost, but there’s no faffing taking the bike to and from the shop. Hurrah!

Have Bike also often team up with the Metropolitan Police, who can tag your bike so it’s registered and easier to track in case of theft. They may also sit you in a huge heavy goods vehicle so you can see what it’s like as the driver and how little visibility you have of the (comparatively little) people on bikes below.  I’ll certainly be hanging well back behind trucks from now on.

If you’d like to organise Have Bike at your office, drop them a line to find out more. Thanks Have Bike team!